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Optical Fibre (LDN & FTTH)

SMAAP Co. is specialized In Fibre Optics"

SMAAP Co. is leading the way in all aspects of Fibre Optics. We have established an outstanding reputation in this ever-changing field. Our resources are unlimited and our capabilities are unquestionable whether you need fibre optic cable assemblies, supplies, splicing and testing services, and or connectorization services. SMAAP Co. can help, regardless of your location or the situation, fulfil all of your fibre optic needs.

Fibre Optic Services Available:

OSP Construction & Maintenance:

OSP Department executes all OSP network construction and maintenance projects including all civil work activities required. This department functions in conjunction with Telecom Department under one combined Civil & Telecom Directorate for the purpose of handling civil and telecom projects, as they execute interlinked activities and also as OSP department's civil work activities precede all telecom projects.

OSP Capabilities:

Effective coordination with government agencies and municipality office to get the approvals to start the civil works All cable laying, trenching and reinstatement works done according to the clients' specifications Large number of skilled and unskilled workforce including qualified Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Skilled work force, working in various locations for OSP projects Commitment to delivery of the best quality standards and processes Sufficient machinery and equipments owned by company Strict adherence to safety measures and precautions On-time completion of work to ensure client's satisfaction Effective coordination between on-site and off-site activities

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